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Dave Pelzer: A Child Called ‘It’, and his Tips on Sticking to Your Plans

Life Lessons from Dave Pelzer
I like this book for its simplicity; it is also very short. Five or six ideas are enough to keep in your head at any one time; I’m going to meditate over the following, put them in a prayer, remind myself each day what I want to achieve.

1. Be resilient
2. Learn to fly
3. No one is perfect
4. Let go of your past
5. Deal with everyday problems
6. Rest your mind
7. Let go, let rip daily
8. Purge your soul
9. If you have been subjected to negative surroundings, use them to make you strive for something better
10. Limit your response to negative settings and, if necessary, make a clean break
11. Overcome your guilt. Make amends and move on
12. Don’t give yourself away in the vain hope of appeasing others
13. To help yourself, be yourself
14. Never go to bed upset
15. Resolve matters before they envelop you. Compromise
16. Hate no one. It is like a cancer
17. Forgiveness cleanses
18. When life is not fair, it’s the getting up that counts
19. How badly do you want it?
20. What have you accomplished?
21. Know what you want and determine to make it happen
22. What is truly important to you?
23. Attempt the so-called ‘impossible’ until it becomes an everyday part of your life
24. Don’t give your best away
25. Go the distance
26. Be happy
27. A consistent, positive attitude makes a world of difference
28. There may not be a tomorrow to count on, so live the best life that you can today
29. Start saying positive, rather than negative things abut yourself (and everyone around you)
30. Focus. If you have no goal or the self-belief that you can accomplish them, you will end up going nowhere
31. Deflect negativity
33. Every day see the brighter side of things

This is not about some sort of positive thinking, it is about what you want and do in your life. Keep up the good work.

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